Warranty Policy

We offer a 6-months warranty policy on all phone cases, phone chains & straps. In case of defective parts, defective manufacture, faulty workmanship, or broken parts you may submit a claim via email to support@cordeecases.com.

Please include your name, order number, pictures of the item, as well as proof of purchase. 

You may choose the same item as replacement or an item with equivalent value or less. We cover all associated shipping costs for the replacement under the 6-month warranty. 


Warranty Terms

Cordée Cases warrants the following products with a 6-months Limited Warranty ("Warranty”): All Phone Chains & Phone Straps, as well as all Phone Cases. This Warranty only covers defective parts, defective manufacture, faulty workmanship and broken parts. This Warranty covers replacement of the same or similar product of equal value, solely at Cordée Cases' discretion. This Warranty only applies to the original purchaser. This Warranty does not cover any damage to any non-Cordée Cases product used in connection with an Cordée Cases product. This Warranty does not apply to, or cover any damage due to misuse, mishandling, neglect, accident or tampering. Cordée Cases' liability to customer, if any, shall in no event exceed the total of the purchase price of the warranted product. To the maximum extent permitted by law, this Warranty replaces any other warranty, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Any representations or promises inconsistent, or in addition to this Warranty are unauthorized and shall not be binding upon Cordée Cases.