Fashionably Functional: Cordée Cases at NYFW - Cordée Cases

Fashionably Functional: Cordée Cases at NYFW

Cordée Cases made its debut during the New York Fashion Week in September 2022 with a captivating collection of stylish and functional crossbody phone cases.

This runway show was inspired by streetwear fashion and ultimately, shows the versatility of accessorizing modern looks. With a strong emphasis on high-quality materials and craftsmanship, our crossbody phone cases are designed to be both fashionable and functional. 

Our runway show features a range of unique phone cases in an array of colors, textures and designs, appealing to fashion aficionados all over the world. The materials used for each crossbody phone case are lightweight and durable, providing maximum protection for your phone without compromising its appearance. Our vibrant colors of the phone cases add a bold statement to any outfit, while our crossbody phone straps provide an edgy touch.

With streetwear fashion on the rise, see how our phone lanyards and phone chains offer a perfect balance of fashion and function. Explore our runway looks below.

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